The Hog's Logs Premium Firewood Delivered!

Premium firewood delivery service that specializes in recreational, specialty, and bulk firewood.

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Recreational bundles are ideal for the Fireplace, Campfires, Fire Pit, and Chimineas.

Firewood mix- $8 each

- is a great way to create long-lasting warmth and comfort around the fire. A variety of mixed local hardwoods that could include Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Locust, Maple, Oak, Walnut and others.


Pine-$8 each

- one of the best campfires woods for the fragrant smoke and is quick to light.

Specialty Cooking Bundles BBQ Smokers, Grills, Pizza ovens, and cooking ovens.

Hickory-$16 each

- adds a rich pungent flavor with deep color to smoked meats, and is one of the most popular amongst professional and backyard barbecue smokers and grillers.

Cherry-$16 each

- produces a mild smoke and infuses a fruity sweetness. It is a great wood to combine with other stronger woods to mellow the flavor.

Oak-$16 each

- is a very popular smoking wood because it’s very versatile. It goes well with just about any barbecue meat and it has a mild to medium distinct flavor.

All bundles are one cubic foot in volume each.

Minimum of four bundles required for delivery.

Wholesale pricing available for Local Merchants.

Bulk Firewood -is sold in the following increments and made up of a mixture of all hardwoods.

1/6 Cord $80,   Stacking- $25

1/4 Cord $120, Stacking- $25

1/3 Cord $160, Stacking- $35

1/2 Cord $240, Stacking- $50

Stacking is available if we can back the truck or trailer up to your stacking location.

Delivery-THL serves a large area approximately 30 straight line miles from our Bellville, Ohio area location. Your firewood products will be delivered in clean modern equipment.

Delivery inner zone $20

Delivery outer zone $40

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